Miss TOP Curvy

Miss TOP CURVY is the first and only beauty pageant for aspiring professional curvy-models, belonging to every curvy categories: curvy, plus-size and oversize, without age limits.

The contest is the brainchild of the curvy fashion designer Elisabetta Viccica, who has been working in curvy fashion for about ten years. In 2010 she founded “Evha&Eva”, the first Italian brand of lingerie and fashionable clothes for curvy women. She was also the co-creator of the first beauty contest for curvy women “MISS BELLA IN CARNE”, held from 2012 to 2016. She has recently set up the “EV FASHION EVENTS  MANAGEMENT Srl.s”, her own curvy-models academy and agency.

“MISS TOP CURVY” contest is organized in different stages including trainer sessions (workshop) and various events (runway fashion, shooting,…). 

The contest can lead up to job opportunity in fashion.

It is aimed at strongly motivated women who wants to commit themselves to a new and unique experience, which is an amazing opportunity to have fun and to meet new people as well.


A first selection will be held after the registration of the aspiring contestants. The contestants who has been selected can enter the contest. The beauty pageant is multi-tiered with local casting feeding into the Final. The places hosting the events will be available on an up-to-date calendar. 15 different Italian cities hosted the casting during the first edition of the pageant, which took place from September 2017 to May 2018. 19 contestants had been selected for the Final.

Preliminary stage include a private interview.

Private interview will be conducted by the creator of the contest, to know contestant’s personality.

Subsequently contestants can enter the casting.


Precasting consists of a shooting live. The aspiring curvy models will be free to express themselves and will be able to showcase their own mood of posing.

The calendar of the selections will be update from time to time.


Casting consists on a runway fashion organized in collaboration with other partners. Contestants’ ability to parade will be judged on the catwalk.


The international finals of “Miss Top Curvy” and of “The Best Model of Europe” will take place from 1 to 7 September 2019 in Lloret de Mar (ES), at GUITART RESORT AQUA PARK****.

In the course of the days preceding the final there will be a preparatory phase and various events, which the contestants are expected to participate.

The “Best Model of Europe” contest will be the official partner of this new edition of “Miss Top Curvy”.

Thanks to this partnership women of all sizes can enter the contest.

Contestants wearing up to size 44 will be registered to the “Best Model of Europe” pageant, while women wearing sizes from 46 upwards will be registered to the “Miss Top Curvy” one.

On 1st September 2019 it will take place the Gala to present all the contestants of “Miss Top Curvy” and of “The Best Model of Europe”.

During the week will be held the Final of “Lady category”, the International Final of “Miss Top Curvy” and “The Best Model of Europe” one.


Applicants must fill out the application form to entry the contest.

It is required an entry fee of € 25,00

The entry fee corresponds to the Annual Membership for the Association “Amarsi un pò”.

To register click here.